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High-Quality website development is our forte. KDians know their coding well. Our polyglot approach always delivers a perfect business oriented web solution.

    PHP Website Development

    If your business demands a website which needs to gather information. Then PHP is the tool of choice. PHP gives web developers the ability to create dynamic web pages, which can collect data from visitors. Perfect for those business concerns which rely on capturing data. Travel Agents, Hospitals and similar concerns should go for PHP.

    KamalDhari Provides:

    • Custom PHP Development
    • SaaS using PHP
    • E-Commerce Solutions using PHP
    • Portal Development Solutions
    • PHP/MySql Development
    • Web application and Social Networking Solution

    CMS Website Development

    CMS stands for the content management system. It allows for a logical and manageable interface for displaying content on the website. Perfect option for those business concerns who need to update and display content regularly. Professional bloggers and news people can benefit from this framework.

    We provide:

    • Scalable & Flexible CMS
    • Tailor-made as per your requirements
    • Full backend support
    • Provision for training.

    Laravel Website Development

    A perfect tool for SME industry and their web development needs. This framework gives the freedom of deploying highly multifunctional websites quickly. Department level, functional web development, and data integration are possible with Laravel.

    We provide:

    • Custom development
    • Saas Development
    • Custom theme development
    • Migration to Laravel
    • Extension development

    Codeigniter Development

    Perhaps the most popular PHP development framework of present times. Perfect for travel aggregators and similar business. It is light and flexible. Data and logic based services are constructed on this framework.

    We Provide:

    • Codeigniter Migration Service
    • Fast Development using CI
    • Application Development
    • Networking Solutions
    • Templating Development using CI

    Python Development

    Need to build a smart web service. Cloud computing based solutions are built on Python. Smart applications with the ability to analyze data is what python all about. Perfect for those looking to develop simple web solutions to complex real-life problems. Companies like health record keepers and taxi aggregators should choose this framework.

    KDians deliver the following using python:

    • Python Dynamic Website development
    • Web Application development using Python
    • Data Science Projects
    • Python Active Directory integration services
    • Web Crawler Development
    • Migration Services

    Smarty Development

    Need beautiful looking and functional websites quickly. Smarty is the framework for you, known for its templating capabilities. This framework always delivers crisp and functional websites. Perfect for interactive websites. Smarty is fast and reliable.

    We provide:

    • Logical template based development using Smarty
    • Customized development using Smarty
    • Highly Secure Website Creation
    • Quick deployment projects

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